Hi! It’s been a while. I see I have a few days left of Menopause Month. I’m just popping in to say the newsletter is still on hiatus, sorry. I’m hoping…

July 2021

Middle insomnia, you jerk

May 2021

Thank you for your patience

April 2021

I’ve gone on record with my loathing for mammograms. I’ve written about why we do them that way, and what the alternatives are. And I complain bitterly…
Does this happen to you, too? Out of nowhere, I get a random sense of impending doom. Or sometimes it’s a flurry of non-specific anxiety. This feeling…
The HBO Tina Turner documentary blew my head off. That’s it. I’m not even going to try and find a more articulate way of starting today’s newsletter. I…

March 2021

No. We are not.
Why is this so hard?
Ayurveda and finding self care in a teacup
Have you been avoiding the doctor's office?

February 2021

We can do better together
This week I’m thinking about mothers and how we’re faring through the pandemic. A few weeks ago the New York Times opened up a “primal scream” hotline…